DroidScript – The Ultimate Mobile Development Tool

SoftCogs Ltd is the company behind DroidScript, a world-leading mobile app development tool.

With nearly a decade of excellence, DroidScript boasts
over 2 million downloads and a thriving community of developers.

Key Features:

Proven Legacy:

DroidScript has stood the test of time, evolving consistently to remain a reliable choice for mobile app development projects.

Extensive User Adoption:

With over 2 million downloads, DroidScript is trusted by developers worldwide for its user-friendly interface and versatility.

Professional Adoption:

Utilised in professional mobile app development projects, showcasing its capability to deliver high-quality solutions.

A Thriving Community:

Join a vibrant community where ideas flourish, problems find solutions, and innovation takes centre stage.

Continuous Updates:

DroidScript is continuously updated to reflect the latest advancements and ensure compatibility with emerging technologies.


Explore a repository of plugins crafted by the community, expanding the ways you work within DroidScript.

Seamless APIs / Web Integration:

Unlock the potential of APIs and seamlessly integrate web services into your projects with DroidScript.

Comprehensive Documentation:

Delve into comprehensive documentation offering deep dives into DroidScript’s features.

Community-Driven Forum:

Engage in lively discussions and share expertise on the DroidScript Forum, a dynamic hub for the community.

Explore DroidScript and join the community driving innovation for nearly a decade.